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Launching a new youth programme!

The “Quest” program engages young people in their life planning to increase positive learning and life outcomes, through learning, reflection, games and fun!  

Participants receive their own kit game to go on the Quest, identify their unique strengths,

create their inspiring vision, plan for their future, learn to use unique goal-setting tools,

develop leadership and advocacy skills, and connect with their peers. 

Together, the group completes exciting challenges, and work their way towards their final team

challenge. Check out the programme here.

Our A team of Youth Facilitators celebrates at the end of a training day... 

Our strength-based approach works - at the end of the day, participants had achieved 2 short term goals each... our goal setting and goal getting method works - building on strengths works - positive energy works...

Click https://youtu.be/NDminfruUq4 to watch a short movie about the training day.

Feedback from a mother: 

"My son was absolutely fizzing on the way home. He had an amazing time and said M. was “super cool” and he’d be really keen to come back and to chat to her some more as well. This surprised the facilitators because this participant did not want to choose goals during the session. His mother, however, when she picked him up, shared that she was stoked that he had agreed to come today as they had planned together a goal for him to try new things... and today was one of these new experiences. Sometimes, one just cannot “see” or “understand” such happenings, because on the surface, a facilitator may think that a participant is not interested in the contents of a session… in reality, there could be different interpretations… Mum said that both brothers “really liked the program and want to come back as soon as possible 😂 Thank you so much!"