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Parenting a Child with Disability or Developmental Delay

Are you feeling overwhelmed? Are you getting conflicting advice about how to proceed? You are not alone!

Having a child diagnosed with a disability or developmental delay can be overwhelming and isolating.

Your are not alone: Our organisation is parent-led… it means that we have been there before!

One of the many things that help us is to understand what keeps us going.

Because we do so much for our children and family, we often forget to take care of ourselves…

So here is our gift to you: A Mindful Parent Colouring Book to relax and reflect about ways to build on your child’s and family’s strengths page after page, drawing after drawing!

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We support families by sharing:

  • Free resources packed with parent-tested information, knowledge, and wellbeing practices
  • Stories and interviews of parents like you packed with their tips and best ideas
  • Professional Best Practice so that you know your rights and what you can get from the ‘system’
  • Online courses co-designed by parents who are also teachers and psychologists who share their experiences

All of these are designed to help you get the results you want and accelerate progress for your child.

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