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The Quest Youth programme

What is The Quest?

Part of an award-winning suite of programmes, The Quest is a game played as a team to support disabled youth build their plan for a Good life.

This evidence-based programme is facilitated by trained peer facilitators.

Age groups: 12-15 yrs and 16-21 yrs. 

Sessions: 5 weekly sessions (2 hrs each) and 3 follow up sessions, including one on one sessions.

Groups: 10 participants each.

Price: Free for participants from the Waikato. This programme is funded by the Ministry of Youth Development.

The programme accelerates learning of life skills through fun and engaging activities. Participants learn to: 

  • Transform strengths into superpower - understand what is unique and special about them

  • Formulate an inspiring vision for their future life

Set and achieve goals through bespoke ground-breaking planning tools

  • Grow wellbeing as travel fuel - the more fuel, the longer and more interesting their adventure will be

  • Collect the keys to a “Good life” - what different dimensions of live impact on what outcomes

  • Collate learning from their adventure into a “treasure chest” - integrate their learning and sharing it to describe their adventure

Participants use tools, which were co-designed with past participants like them: 

  • A Vision Board tool to set out their inspiring future

  • A Wellbeing dashboard to build their confidence in goal setting 

  • A Goal to Action tool to unpack their goals into smaller, achievable steps

  • A Wall of Honour leaderboard to ensure goals cover all areas of a future of contribution and participation.

For more information: Click here or contact us via email.

Quest graduation

The Quest ethos is congruent with the New Zealand Government ‘Enabling Good Lives’ System Transformation recent initiatives.