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Innovation awards!

 Our methods and approach received a number of innovation awards!

2023: Presented at the EASPD Conference in Tirana, Albania, the Now and Next model has been selected as a best practice for a 2022 research on European Case Study.

2021: Winner and showcased as reaching out to our participants during the pandemic were presented (out of a total of 4 presentations) at the Global Mental Health Network: Dr. Yanchen Zhang from Iowa University presented our experience and findings running Now and Next groups online and Dr. Anoo Bhopti, Monash University presented the development of our online platform (E-Pictability) as a supported planning and decision making tool for families.

2020: Winner as one of the 7 Innovation Programs selected by the NSW Department of Education to be delivered to with 103 parents, 80 pupils and 42 educators. 

2017: Winner of the ECIA NSW/ACT Excellence Award for Outstanding Family-Centred and Culturally Responsive Practice. 

2017: Finalist in the Disability Innovation Awards  [category Innovation in improving outcomes for children and young people].