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Our virtual reach - E-learning projects overview

Our virtual reach is shown about across the e-learning projects which we have led:

  • The virtual role model course showcased by the UNESCO. These e-learning programs were aimed at multicultural audiences and have reached a wide range of learners. Early successes brought new demand, with some programs reaching a combined attendance of over 10,000 online learners. Some were accessible via the Ted.com platform.
  • The E-learning employment storytelling project: used as a training program for volunteers in not for profit organisations.
  • The Migrants and Refugees with disability storytelling projectshowcased in the 2013 New Zealand Race Relations Report submitted to the United Nations by the Human Rights Commission.
  • The Peer Learning You Tube channel (>246,000 views) which groups applied educational research and social innovation materials. Over 20 hours of video, across ~ 450 interviews We study the impact of video material on individuals and organisations who want to effect change. This channel is an online repository of our research material in video format. 
  • The DairyNZ e-learning system contains 177 videos. The material hosted in this digital library has been collected and designed to share specific knowledge within DairyNZ and with DairyNZ stakeholders. This online prototype is designed to offer online support for Consulting Officer training programme which they can access and share with dairy farmers to support their work. 
  • The travel safe collection of videos and its companion workbook guide, to teach young people with disability the basics of keeping safe in their communities.
  • The Australian and New Zealand Royal College of Psychiatry Family Therapy online course, the first of its kind at the Auckland and Waikato District Health Boards, New Zealand. This course was one of 3 compulsory courses in psychology that psychiatrists consultants took as part of their program.