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Co-designing youth leadership development

 Young leaders know what is best for them.


We offer programs and resources that provide youth with the tools and knowledge to achieve the best outcomes for themselves and their whanau.


Youth lead their own creative visioning sessions and craft individual and group goals. This process is novel, fun and engaging.


We maintain up-to-date information and resources to assist youth so they can make informed choices based on their inspiring vision. Our resources are designed and tested by and for youth and informed by best practice and evidence-based information.


We host online and face to face workshops for young people to uncover their leadership potential and try new strategies to design their own leadership development opportunities.

Young people learn to lean in novel relationships with the professionals in their lives – these new patterns are foundational to participants creating their inspiring future.

Our educational contents are evidence-based and rooted in positive psychology. They cover topics that increase youth capacity to actively and intentionally shape their future opportunities..

Education is transformative. When our youth thrive, our communities thrive.

Connection and support

We offer what every young person needs, a community - a place where they are not alone, where they continue learning from each other between our programme sessions and after they graduate. Through these channels, they learn about positive community participation.