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Planning the 2019 Now and Next NZ Alumni series

On Monday 10 December, 7 of us met at the McKenzie centre to plan the first alumni series!

Parents were keen to understand how to implement the knowledge and skills learnt during the Now and Next program to get the best outcomes for their child as s/he transitions to school.

Parents pooled their ideas to provide feedback for the first alumni series:
  • Prepare early
  • Communicate your child's strengths, interests and skills
  • Use your Signature Strengths to plan for the IEP
  • Start with 3-5 goals, from Pictability or goals developed in other contexts
  • Educate yourself about how to best collaborate with educators 
  • Learn about curriculum and key competencies that teachers work with
  • Think practical ideas: what can be implemented at school that can be reinforced at school?