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The Now&Next program for parents of children with special needs

Life can be overwhelming for parents or carers if their children don't develop or behave in the same way as other children. Parents often wonder if there is something more they could be doing to help. Now & Next is an 8-session interactive program that can help you make a positive difference for your child and the whole family. We know that parents and carers make the biggest difference in their child's life. Your time is valuable. Now & Next has changed the lives of families with strategies that work—and we have been measuring the outcomes that prove it.

Join the program and you will:

    Learn how to achieve more with less effort
    Use your strengths to make small changes that create a big impact for your child
    Learn how to increase the well-being and resilience of your entire family
    Learn strategies that have worked for other families
    Use our practical toolkit to get the best for your child when funding is limited 

Starting with the strengths of your child and family you plan the first practical, ‘next steps’ to get you going. These easy to achieve ‘next steps’ are the building blocks for creating the best life, for the child and the whole family.

“Now & Next has given me a very clear and easy to use template to look at what’s working/not working, how to change, plan, make and achieve goals. It all makes sense in my head now with a clear path” Mother, WA

Already accessing professional support?  We show you how to maximize the services you are using by building strong relationships with your child’s team.

Don’t have any support? We help you to make the best use of what is available in your community by making small changes that will set you and your child on the right path.

You will learn from our knowledgeable and trained parent facilitators and from the other parents and carers in the group. Together you will share what has worked and how to navigate the system to find what is right for your child. Rest assured, what’s shared in the group stays in the group. Your privacy will be respected.

“It has changed our focus from the lack of availability of therapies to what we can do for our family with what we have. Being able to celebrate the little wins has brought some joy to our family.” Father, NT

There is so much you can do right now. Every family has the potential for a fulfilling life, all we need is the right tools. Now & Next gives you the confidence to tackle any challenge that your family may face, now and into the future.

“It has changed the way I view and interact with my son and my husband. I feel like we now have a bit more structure in our household and I have the tools to tackle issues I felt overwhelmed by before. It has also reminded me that it’s ok to be ‘selfish’ sometimes. My mum always says “you can’t pour out of an empty cup” and I think it finally makes sense to me” Mother, NT