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Innovation awards!

2015 fashionABLE at the CBFW

Oh what a night!!! Our STARS were shining! Dancers, fashion models and decorators... and of course their proud families!!! Thanks so much to sponsors, supporters, collaborators, helpers, volunteers and whanau for coming together and enabling this amazing night!!!

The second STARS [Seeking Talented And Resourceful Supporting Actors] programme went out with a bang, with the support of our candidate job seekers. Denyse Saunders, a New Zealand fashion icon, invited our young talented disabled Cantabrians to join in her Canterbury Fashion Beauty Week Fashion show on Friday 9 Oct 2015 at the Tannery in Christchurch. VIP Events.
Designed by Irene Andrell and Annick Janson mothers of young disabled adults, this programme was crafted to provide a positive work experience for disabled young adults, and support future leadership aspirations... indeed our fifteen participants had an amazing opportunity to shine. Participants created 22 centerpieces for the VIP tables, performed a dance choreographed by Arts Integrated and walked down the cat walk and mingled with the best and most successful fashion people in the South Island!
Huge thanks to: Denyse Saunders, Founder & Producer & Director, Canterbury Fashion Beauty Week and Mandie and Renee Co-Directors, VIP Events, James Saunders, at JRS Photographer, and the Arts Integrated Team. This initiative was supported by Manawanui in Charge, Enabling Good Lives Christchurch Demonstration and Te Pou. Families, support people and volunteers... we could not have done it without you!