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Fashion-ABLE: Youth on their way to the runway!

The STARS Fashion-ABLE programme was invited by Denyse Saunders http://www.cfbw.co.nz to join in her "Canterbury Fashion Beauty Week Fashion show" on the 9th Oct 2015 at the Tannery. 

WOW we are stoked!!!!!!

Social valorisation is a leadership-building tool!... But how can we scaffold the transition to their first work experience when crafting socially valorised roles to support our children’s career aspirations?
As we move from thinking about “activities” to fill time-tables to developing future professionals, we are challenged to find the right support people as well as valuable, authentic and positive work experience opportunities. 
STARS2 draws on lessons learned from our earlier workshops to match potential support people to disabled people. Hence STARS2 is launching the first Fashion-ABLE programme in Christchurch! 

We want to make sure we craft a positive work to build the basis for future ones. We will discuss with families what their young person's interests are, what they'd enjoy doing for their work experience around this event and we will recruit and train support people to assist and help build more relevant skills.
As there are many roles that need to be filled for such an event (hosting, choosing and organising music, food shopping, baking, cooking, spreading, decorating, modeling, marketing, advertising (putting up pamphlet in relevant public places, photographing, posting on facebook) we will work with participants to find the role that they will enjoy and can do with the right supports - and the STARS will have a real-life work experience with Denyse Saunders!!! We are besides ourselves with excitement!
Note: the photo below is not clickable - just a screnshot:)