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What is co-design?

There is a lot of talk about co-design in NZ lately... for instance the Government and consumer groups will co-design the Waikato Enabling Good Lives demonstration.

Whilst the NZ government is not being specific about what co-design will mean for our people, we'll collect some information in this post. The Christchurch Enabling Good Lives Aug-Sept newsletter indicates that the group has "made some good progress on co-designing (between officials and disabled persons, community representatives etc.) a number of components that will ensure EGL is based on what works best for people and is sustainable. The most advanced at the moment are as follows:

  • The future role, function and boundaries of EGL navigation and Navigators
  • The purpose of a good life plan
  • How funds are identified, pooled and used
  • How EGL personalised funds are paid and accounted for

This ongoing work will identify some different ways of working for students leaving school this year to test new approaches and methods".

For now, what needs more clarification from our perspective is how does the prioritisation process happens in a transparent way?

At http://www.govint.org/co-design, we can find the definition: "Co-design offers a structured approach to harnessing the best ideas from the people who will ultimately use and deliver the service" and the visual below to describe it:

More info with the videos at: http://www.govint.org/good-practice/videos