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Inspiring parents just like us!

For the past 5 years, we have been roaming the country, talking to consumers of disability services and collecting outcome stories - where people tell in their words how they are achieving the results they want for themselves or their child with a disability.

These stories are popular - our YouTube channel is approaching 28,000 views. What does this show us? That people are interested in hearing from others who are experiencing similar life paths - learning from each other - from peers.

Take for instance the Inspiring Parents Just Like Us! project, summarising stories from different interviews collected over the past 3 years, about parents building confidence in their actions through sheer determination and perseveration... they did not give up until their children got the support that helped them develop their potential - but further, they wanted their children to be recognised for their talent and contribution to their communities! Parents tell stories of social participation and social innovation. Browse the list by clicking on the left side drop down menu of the player below or click here for the list of stories with a summary line describing the theme addressed in the video clip.

Which story will you listen to first?

A pdf story guide, summarising some of the stories and the learning from participants' workshops on their leadership building path can be downloaded here.

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