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My Life! An inspiring family-led organisation that is changing the sector

If there ever was an inspiring organisation this is it!!! My admiration goes to Caroline Tomlinson for creating it and for the hundreds of volunteers who bring it to life - every day!

Members believe that 'together we are better' and that when each person gives a little of themselves and their expertise, then everybody benefits... so I've just done that, spent a few hours (in Paris!) editing and uploading a movie to help the organisation disseminate its message. I just wished I had my professional filming equipment with me to get a better quality movie... argh. Caroline Tomlinson and Clare Roberts promised they'd come to New Zealand one day... so we'll produce a Lord of the Ring quality movie this time!!


Below is the information that Caroline has kindly shared to build capacity in our sector:

P2 e webinar 17.2.14 from In-Control Partnerships