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Innovation awards!

Craft your own work experience - instead of waiting for a job opportunity!

At Fast Track Inclusion we are excited about the possibilities for disabled youth to explore novel ways to shape their career pathways. Our youth is sick of sitting around waiting for a job offer that is unlikely to materialise! Rather we propose to assist youth to shape their own work experience... micro-business development offers a step by step method to explore developing a career track starting from the issues they are passionate about and develop new skills on the way!

A flexible approach ensures a safety net still protects the youth as they are learning about the business world.

Click on the playlist below to check out some of the stories we have collected as a pilot project - We are seeking partners to demonstrate with a proof of concept the value of sharing stories to inspire youth, their parents and support workers to uncover new possibilities - those where they are in control of their future! 

Mark Grantham (below) received the 2014 Queen Service Medal for services to the community:

Example screenshot of interview list: