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Storytelling for impact

Question: after collecting lots of inspiring stories, how do we display them to optimise the impact of sharing?.... this is a Knowledge Translation challenge!

1. List of written stories?

2. List of video stories?

Award winning Health care stories site: www.patientvoices.org.uk/stories.htm
Audio list on stories about violence: www.stopviolenceeveryday.org/stories

Some websites, such as 'Tell my story - Take action' offers a wireframe way for people to tell their stories (about receiving unemployment benefit) and shows the stories in an original combination of photos and text [though it really still is a list of stories at the end of the day...]

It is however difficult to learn from a list... so we looked at other dissemination types (some of them are still lists but in a slightly more engaging format).

3. Channel (for instance podcast, sound media or video)

A Matrix of relevance to account for the multidimensionality of topics: People, services, issues and skill development - Social Care Institute for Excellence

A matrix of stories around topics and emotions - unusual and engaging!

Conversations that matter: A matrix of topical professional presentations:

Some channels offer the ability to create one's own albums/playlists which fosters learning - see for instance IRISS' Vimeo channel. For other stories libraries, like the Scottish library on the lived-experience of health and social care (www.digitalstorylibrary.scot.nhs.uk), a free registration is needed. IRISS also offers a guide for young people to use video media to reach audiences.

Of particular notice is the IRISS Gallery of Good Practice Examples in Citizen Leadership (screenshot below). This is one of the best layout we have found to solve the challenge of explaining multidimensional concepts on a two dimensional web page!!!

Viewchange (www.viewchange.org) uses the semantic web to aggregate topics around key words. Their visuals allow for spacial (rather than linear) representation.

See also the post about curating with Youtube APIs here. Shortform allows curation of content from YouTube, Vimeo and other major video sites... it sounds ideal for us but is aimed at for-profits.

Storify is an interesting content curating platform... to be explored:)
We are exploring the different ways to disseminate our positive change stories via apps... contact us if you want to contribute to this project!!

At FTI Trust, we'd like to work on designing interactive modules, i.e. going from simple lists to dissemination designs that promote and support learning.... to be followed!!!