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Innovation awards!

Think differently - to make a difference!!!!

Do you want to be a social innovator? Join us in trying new ways to accelerate inclusion for marginalised people - to make everyone feel welcome in our society. It starts small - with everyday encounters... it's about reaching out to those that are less lucky than we are and finding out what their goals are and how they can feel they are contributing - hence feel part of their community. Sometimes it's about 'random acts of kindness' - to a person we know or don't know; a neighbour who is lonely, a disabled person who could do with your help, a new migrant or refugee who would welcome a friendly smile - marginalised people are all around us, but we don't necessarily notice... so where can you start - what small difference can you make tomorrow?

Check out our Facebook page: www.facebook.com/StoryBehindEveryNZ.YOUth
Join us on Tuesday 4 March 1 to 2pm near Momento Cafe by the University lake during O week... we'll be under the "Think Differently" banner! Think Differently is a Ministry of Social Development initiative supporting our initiative - more coming soon!