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The Only Label We Are Assigning Is 'Artists'

We're moving ahead with planning our encounters on Wednesday March 12th and 26th, where artists from all walks of life will meet for one hour to paint together. We're doing this because we want to study interactions of people for what they are passionate about- not by what they are are bound by, such as assigned labels.

Once the encounters are in place, we want to study the micro interactions. We want to study discussions between artists and see what kind of change takes place there. The next stage is that Melissa is going to follow up the encounter with a discussion group at a close date. She'll also conduct interviews, for artists who work better with a personal communication rather than group communication.

As well as this, we want to link up to other creative encounters already going on around Waikato. Where there are groups that regularly meet up and produce together, they'll be a more naturalistic interaction. We want to move in and be observers and recorders in this setting.

We'll have video recordings of the encounters as our raw data. We then have to explore:
  • How can we show the impact of social inclusion?
  • How can we show an impact in attitudes?
  • What challenged preconceptions of mixed abilities?
  • What made it hard to step into the mainstream?

We're going to ask the people themselves, what changed for them. And finally we're going to ask what we missed: “what didn't I ask you that I should have?”