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http://rtc.umn.edu/docs/pcpmanual1.pdf [authored by Jack Pearpoint amongst others]

From: The Center on Human Policy, Law and Disability Studies (Syracuse University)

In the Mainstream of Life? People with Learning Disabilities and the National Policy Agenda (2005) by David Towell and John O’Brien discusses major mainstream and disability policy themes in the UK.. This record follows a series of workshops in the UK to strengthen the links between person centred planning and local strategies. (5 pages).

Getting More of Life: Improving the Timeliness of Person-Centred Approaches (2004) by John O'Brien and David Towell is the summary of the third of three workshops focusing on building capacity in local UK communities in order to offer to more people the opportunities that arise from person-centered planning. (13 pages).

Person Centred Planning In It’s Strategic Context: Towards a Framework for Reflection-in-Action(2003) by John O’Brien and David Towell summarizes a U.K. focus group on person-centred planning following the publication of Valuing People, a White Paper issued by the U.K. Government calling for significant change in policy and practice and which recognizes the important role for person-centred planning. (13 pages).

Increasing the Chances for Deeper Change Through Person-Centered Planning (2002) by Beth Mount, John O'Brien, & Connie Lyle O'Brien is an inventory of 12 resources to increase the chances for change through person-centered planning. (7 pages)

The Origins of Person-Centered Planning: A Community of Practice Perspective (2000) by Connie Lyle O'Brien and John O'Brien discusses the origins and development of person-centered planning. (27 pages)

The Politics of Person-Centered Planning (1999) by John O'Brien and Connie Lyle O'Brien describes the role of person-centered planning in relation to personal and organizational politics. (5 pages)

Great Questions and The Art of Portraiture (1999) by John O'Brien offers ideas that help lead to deeper thinking about a person's identity, contributions, and connections to other people, and discusses the role of person-centered planning in relation to this. (6 pages).

Person Centered Planned Has Arrived... Or Has It? (1997) by Connie Lyle O'Brien, John O'Brien, and Beth Mount is a reprint of an article (Mental Retardation, 35(6), 480-483) that describes the way one approach to person centered planning developed, and discusses issues that have arisen as it has become widely used. (4 pages) For a copy of this journal article, contact theCenter on Human Policy.

Finding a Way to Everyday Lives: The Contribution of Person Centered Planning (1993) by John O'Brien and Herbert Lovett represents the insights that emerged from a Pennsylvania gathering of people experienced in various approaches to person-centered planning and administrators interested in learning more about it. (19 pages)