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Our pilot event in February - welcoming new migrants

New migrants are in an 'in between place' often torn between old and new, excitement and fear and their lacks of local networks can hinder their integration. As a pilot for our collaborative creative encounters, we tried out the methodology on a young couple recently re-settled in New Zealand.

There were a few good surprises:
  • The eagerness of all to engage in creating together
  • The happiness that prevailed around the table - there were some meditative silences, but mostly happiness and laughter as people readily made fun of themselves (first time sewing, taking short cuts with glue instead of needle and thread...)
  • The unpredicted suggestion 20 minutes into the creative act that the piece should be submitted to the National Contemporary Art Award - it will be as a social integration piece!
  • The readiness to share the stories about the interpretation of each piece as representing togetherness
  • The outpour of positive emotions at the end of the evening
  • The determination of some to carry on their piece after the evening is over - because they wanted it more intricate than time permitted to finish
  • The ideas that some wanted to put into practice next time we meet to create together!
Here is the start of the tapestry:

Short video of the participants' description and interpretation of their creations:

To be followed...