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Person-centered planning - at the core of the inclusion process

At the heart of the ARTS2GETHER project inclusion process are a number of inclusive experiences: some are centre-based group experiences and some are individual encounters with mainstream artists.

At the start of the project, we set out of the following pilot to test the guidelines. A differently-abled artist would work with his support worker to create a person-centered plan to enable him to meet new artists from which to select those he wants to have a personal session and learning experience with.  

Taking into account the philosophy of the 'Enabling Good Lives' vision, we need to think through how to best empower and assist disabled people who may not have much prior experience in making such choices to acquaint themselves to the decision-making process. 

Role of support people

Support people will help with the following:

1. Support plan for the project: what do we aim to achieve and timeframes
2. people: help compile a database of artists to meet
3. communication: how do I introduce myself and the project?
4. planning to meet: where and logistic details
5. plan b: what happens if the first plan does not work out?

Example of a person-centered support plan:

MY GOAL: Over the next 4 months, I want to meet 1 artist per week, get to know them and interview them about what they do. Can you help me contact and meet these people?

FIRST MILESTONE: The series of meeting will enable me to choose which artist I want to work with toward my new artwork.

SECOND MILESTONE: to start creating artwork in session with the chosen artist. Can be worked over a few sessions or with a few artists.

FINAL GOAL: Exhibit the artwork in gallery with all other artists at the final exhibition

Depending on whether the differently abled artists does have a support worker or the role of the latter, there is a complementary role for the family to:

1. oversee the process
2. may need to help with transport and logistics, if uncovered by the support worker

Support = resourcing

Example of person-centered thinking tools (from Helen Sanderson Associates).