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What is Social Innovation?

Our main purpose is to facilitate social change throughout local communities in New Zealand through Social Innovation knowledge and practice.

As founders of the Trust, we are passionate about educating and empowering New Zealanders that are marginalised with skills to learn how to integrate into society. We seek to join in the effort to deliver new powerful experiences of learning and creative thinking. 

Public debate into the behaviours that will foster social change and celebrate diversity, including but not limited to gender, ethnicity, sexuality and disability. 

We will work towards these objectives through research and development of storytelling methodologies and educational programmes. The research will investigate the causes and reasons for social, cultural, environmental and economic problems and suggest and promote tangible, novel paradigms and practical solutions to these problems that are innovative, desirable and easily accessible to local New Zealand communities. These actions will contribute to increase the capacity of our local communities to learn and act more effectively in leading New Zealand to a sustainable future.

Social Impact design is one methodology that underlies social innovation practice. View a webinar about "creating a culture of storytelling and evaluation" by NEA (National Endowment for the Arts) showing that this methodology is robust and tested in a number of societal domains: