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Self-employment for people with disabilities

Working for yourself does not suit everybody but for some people with learning disabilities, self employment can be a real winner. 

The UK has an outstanding mechanism to help disabled entrepreneurs: FSB Real Life Entrepreneurs (see screenshot below).

The importance of entrepreneurship at grass-root level is being recognised by many, including the UNESCO. In his paper "Vocational choice and entrepreneurship", Rafa Barrio states that "career guidance may need to change the approach (to consider only) stable jobs, in terms of content and organization of professional life and emphasize the development of skills and strategies to help manage the discontinuity of careers and the possibility of self-employment." But if self-employment does become more prevalent for all ranges of abilities, then how will we make sure we provide the right training for disabled people?

UNESCO-supported UNEVOC is the international network charged with monitoring and reporting on national Vocational Training programmes.