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Getting the future you want Workshop, Te Puke August 2013

What an AMAZING workshop that was!!!

What is your gift, what is your purpose, where might this gift be needed in the community around you?

Two short interview clips are presented in this playlist and the third clip is Tanya's story: 

Tanya describes how she found her life purpose in the past year, but now she is unclear of how to go forward. So she explains to the group that she wants to help others in the same journey that she has just travelled - find their purpose, reconnect with their inner being. What is Tanya to do next?

Lynda asks the group to name a few gifts that they heard through Tanya's story: "Relationships" and "caring about one another" came up right away. 

The group brainstorms where this gift would be welcome and a participants springs almost as a reflex "at my house!"... Other  participants proceed to invite Tanya to come and stay with their communities. Another person adds: I would like to invite me to my whanau too. My niece has gone into her shell because she lost her sight to diabetes, she lost her Maoritanga and desperately needs to talk to you. When Tanya breaks into tears, a participant comments: "crying is good in Maori culture - it's OK!"

Tanya says "I desperately need to feel useful".

Other workshop members expand the conversation and comment that Tanya would be a valued speaker and a leader for others. Tanya adds: "I desperately need to know that there would be a specific direction for me to work towards - I want to find my niche"

In just 5 or 6 minutes, talking about the deep moments in her life Tanya connected to others who identified that there is a need for these talents in their parts of the world... 

Lynda comments that we are all makers of meaning and when we find meaning this gives us an direction to go forward as well as impetus and energy for the journey. The audience just reinforced Tanya's talent as a Circle member, Consultant and Storyteller.

ACTING ON THE UNDERSTANDING OF YOUR PURPOSE: This would be where a directory of contacts (from workshop participants) would be useful because people could contact each other on the basis of what they heard from each other during the time spent together. Workshop participants who already thought about their purpose could now invite others into their Circles of Support and get direct input from people whose thinking they liked.

Two workshop participants comment on the impact that the workshop will have on themselves and their work.