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Free youth resources

1. Free youth leadership development course

By envisioning their future positively and sustainably, youth tap into their collective wisdom to grow as social innovators. Sharing their learning from within their communities they then power up a “leadership pipeline”. Our teamwork with stakeholders, officials and NGOs focuses on a common aim, viz. for parents to become change agents for their children, a proven way to enhance return on social investment, with quantifiable and measurable outcomes.

Our community leadership online learning - now free at: https://www.udemy.com/course/virtualrolemodels
A course loved by over 6000 online students!

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How can we build stronger, more resilient communities? By developing leaders to transform and energise the people around them! This includes building capacity to integrate different perspectives and embrace diversity - as well as enrolling those who have traditionally felt excluded!

Our projects have already reached over 30,000 learners. We are supported by the NZ UN Convention for Human Rights, UNESCO, The Todd and Tindall Foundations in our work with over 50 organisations.

We aim to empower marginalised people and their families develop goals which will strengthen their identity as well as develop self-confidence. We can all aim for careers that we are passionate about and gain recognition whilst making the social impact we target.

Watch audio-visual stories told by empowered community leaders as well as people who have been disenfranchised such as disabled people and their families or refugees and migrants who successfully overcame challenges and engaged on their leadership pathway. They collaborated with us to develop these learning units used by community leaders, educators, parents, support workers and students. In order to empower our communities, we need to encourage collaboration between education, community and social care,

Who this course is for?
  • Emerging youth leaders
  • Current community leaders who want to explore new community integration trends
  • Future community leaders who can follow their passion
  • People marginalised through disability, health, migration or other circumstances
  • Educators looking for novel and exciting ways to teach via storytelling
  • Professionals in the fields of social care, psychology, community development and policy

Please note, the above is only a screenshot... the clickable version is at: https://www.udemy.com/course/virtualrolemodels

The Fast Track Inclusion Trust identifies and trains emerging young leaders from within vulnerable communities. 

2. Travel safe resources for disabled youth

The Travel Safe! project was co-designed with youth with intellectual disability about getting out and about safely, as facilitated by trusted support people. The project includes two parts:

1. Content selection: Participants workshopped stories in a drama group setting. The group determined how to include all safety elements in a series of video stories. Contents were finalised in collaboration with experts - making sure no important topic gets left out.
2. Participants acted, role played and filmed themselves in a message to their peers. 

An Advisory Group selected in collaboration with IHC oversaw the process and outputs, ensuring the balance of quality control and zest, creativity and fun that will appeal to this age group. These two groups curated the final collection of Peer-Support Learning Clips. The collection disseminates the much-needed learning as shared between peers – as opposed to a resource made by educators or consultants – because peer-knowledge has been shown most effective!

"We received a huge amount of positive feedback about this project", says Dr Annick Janson. The downloadable hard copies are personal workbooks in which people can enter information about their surroundings, streets and public transport stations, along with more personalised information. IDEA Services distributed this resource nationwide after a  successful pilot was carried out in the Waikato, King Country region.

Access the video collection here.
Download the Travel Safe companion book here.